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Menu of Ad Campaigns

A successful funnel is more about putting the right offer in front of the right audience and less about the platform you're using for the funnel.  

​​​​​​​I create ads for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because of the superior targeting ability on those advertising platforms and the ability to reach the majority of audiences sought by most businesses.    

Lead Generation Campaigns 

Generate new customers for your business. Get people who have never heard of you before in the door, to your event, to sign up, or to buy something.  

Retargeting Campaigns 

Revisit the people who have already visited your website, are on your email marketing list, or Like your Facebook page and ask them to do something more or buy something else.  

Branding and Awareness Campaigns 

Do you have a new product, new business, new service, or new event that nobody knows about? Let them know you exist and raise awareness with a social media awareness campaign.  

VIDEO for Your Ad Campaigns 

If you don't have the video content needed for your ad campaigns, we have a solution!  Each client is different, so please ask us for help getting the video you need for a successful ad campaign. The right video can greatly increase the ROI of your campaigns!

Video Services

A successful client acquisition funnel is MUCH more than knowing how to click enough buttons to get an ad to run on Facebook.​